FP Episode 17: I Hope You’re Getting Worse

Session Summary: In this episode you will get an entirely new perspective about what it means to get worse as a Christian. In fact, the worse you get…the better off you are. If you think you are getting better…you are actually getting worse. But don’t take my word for it…listen to the words of the […]

The “DONE–DID–DO” Communication Technique

Communicating accountability is one of the hardest things to navigate. How many times have you said something to someone hoping to be constructive, but then it backfire when you did? Or how many times have you wanted to say something but never did because you were afraid of the backlash? This happens with spouses, kids, bosses, […]

FP Episode 16: Rules Of The Game

Session Summary: In this episode I break down the 5 rules of winning at the game of life. If you don’t understand the rules how can you truly know how to play. Why is it that some people seem to win big and others seem to lose big? When we understand these 5 rules we […]

FP Episode 15: mYOUsician

your life is an instrument

Session Summary: In this episode I proclaim that you are a mYOUsician…whether you play an instrument or not, it doesn’t matter. The book of Romans tells us that our life is an instrument of righteousness, which means we are the musician who chooses how to play it. In this episode I break down 3 vital principles […]