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Thank you so much for checking out my FREE eBook “How To Get More Time.”


I believe that how you USE your time will determine the QUALITY of the life you live. This FREE eBook is designed to help you get more time to do the the things you were created to do! There are 4 lessons that I share with you that will change your life!

You will learn…

  • What the Bible teaches us about our time
  • How to get productive results
  • Tips on squeezing every ounce of life out of our time
  • Who the 3 kinds of people are when it comes to time
  • The most important 8 hours of your day
  • & more!

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“I just wanted to tell you I started reading this last night and have gotten almost completely through it. I think this is an awesome book! I’m a huge note taker when I read so I think what I’m getting from this is truly going to change my life around greatly. I’m excited to start mapping my life out with more intentional purposes. I’ll definitely be sharing this.”Crystal
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5 thoughts on “Free eBook

  1. Hey buddy! You are light years ahead of me, but I am making progress. Keep going my friend! God has instilled an insatiable fire within us both and we need to continue to make a positive impact on others.


    Jason Wright