FP Episode 18: Water To Wine

John 2:1-11 Breakdown

Session Summary: In this session I break down John 2:1-11 verse-by-verse. In the miracles of Jesus there is a miracle for us. When we get into the Word of God the Word of God gets into us. In this passage of the water to wine miracle we find key principles that open the door for […]

FP Episode 17: I Hope You’re Getting Worse

Session Summary: In this episode you will get an entirely new perspective about what it means to get worse as a Christian. In fact, the worse you get…the better off you are. If you think you are getting better…you are actually getting worse. But don’t take my word for it…listen to the words of the […]

FP Episode 16: Rules Of The Game

Session Summary: In this episode I break down the 5 rules of winning at the game of life. If you don’t understand the rules how can you truly know how to play. Why is it that some people seem to win big and others seem to lose big? When we understand these 5 rules we […]

FP Episode 15: mYOUsician

your life is an instrument

Session Summary: In this episode I proclaim that you are a mYOUsician…whether you play an instrument or not, it doesn’t matter. The book of Romans tells us that our life is an instrument of righteousness, which means we are the musician who chooses how to play it. In this episode I break down 3 vital principles […]

FP Episode 14: Birthed

A Lesson From Mary...

Session Summary: This episode is dedicated to Mother’s Day for the month of May. I talk about the story of how Jesus’ mother Mary had to trust God’s plan for her life. She was the ultimate mother that has a powerful lesson for all of us today. We are ALL mothers in the sense that […]

FP Episode 13: Building Your Wall

Lessons From Nehemiah

Session Summary: In this episode I talk about some great lessons from the life of Nehemiah. This book of the Bible gives us incredible insight into not only Nehemiah’s journey, but our journey as well. We are called to build the life God has called us to, but it takes intentional effort and commitment. In […]

FP Episode 12: Identity

3 Characteristics That Make Who You Are

Session Summary: In this episode I talk about the characteristics that shape our identity. I give 3 critical areas we have to merge together to create a strong identity. Our whole life can get out of balance if just one area is off. Be sure to listen to the end where I give a 3 step challenge […]

FP Episode 11: A Teenager’s Faith

Session Summary: In this episode I interview an awesome teenage gal, Shylee Hall. Shylee, is an intern with us at our church and is just a great teenage girl who is living out her faith daily. We talk about not only her journey into faith, but also how we, as adults, can learn how to […]

FP Episode 10: Stretched

Session Summary: In this episode I talk about stretching your faith to a new level. God is not always a God of safety and security, but rather of stretching and sending. I talk about the most quoted Bible verses that, in fact, are not even Bible verses. We also dive into some great Biblical text […]

FP Episode 9: Are You A Great Disciple?

Session Summary: In this episode I talk about being a great disciple. Jesus was a Rabbi, meaning teacher. Therefore, we must become a great student. I share 3 things that great disciples/students do to learn. We don’t go to our destiny as though it is waiting for us somewhere, we grow into our destiny by learning […]