Why I Love Leadership…

It’s said that one day, Frederick the Great of Prussia was walking on the outskirts of Berlin when he encountered a very old man walking ramrod-straight in the opposite direction. “Who are you?” Frederick asked his subject. “I am a king,” replied the old man. “A king!” laughed Frederick. “Over what kingdom do you reign?” […]

The “DONE–DID–DO” Communication Technique

Communicating accountability is one of the hardest things to navigate. How many times have you said something to someone hoping to be constructive, but then it backfire when you did? Or how many times have you wanted to say something but never did because you were afraid of the backlash? This happens with spouses, kids, bosses, […]

What’s Your Excuse?

I have bad news for you…you are filled with excuses. That’s right…SO many excuses that you don’t even know it. In fact, the average person makes excuses all throughout the day…everyday. We are excuse filled people, always conjuring up a reason why we can’t do something. Wether it’s not wanting to exercise, eat right, study, […]

A Leadership Thanksgiving

Being that we just celebrated Thanksgiving here in the states it is fitting that we talk about a leadership thanksgiving. The more a leader can be thankful to his/her people the greater the success. Leaders need to express gratitude in 3 distinct ways: verbally, visually, and valiantly. Verbally There is a powerful force that comes […]

Bringing Your Boldest Self To Your Biggest Challenges

Inspired by Amy Cuddy

I recently read a great book called “Presence” written by Harvard Physocolgist & TED Talk star Amy Cuddy. My wife and I had watched her TED talk on “Your body language shapes who you are” a few years ago and were greatly impacted by it. In fact, we still do power posses every now and then (you have […]