How To Unlock Creativity

How To Unlock Creativity

Innovation requires humility. Humility to realize you don’t know everything. We only grow by admitting we don’t know. Coach John Wooden said, “It’s what you learn after you know it all that counts.” People who think they know how everything works never open themselves up to learning new information. The truth is, it’s after you know something […]

Do You Have A Carrot?

Do You Have A Carrot?

Leaders encourage others by keeping the team focused on the goals ahead of them. They keep the team moving forward by what I call “The Carrot & Cart Concept.” The Carrot & Cart Concept says that for a team to keep moving forward, they must always have a dangling goal in front of them. It […]

Embracing or Escaping?

Embracing or Escaping

You were created for greatness…but what happens when we don’t feel we are living that great life? What do we do when our dreams are not matching reality? We all have a desire for more. In fact, most people I have talked to would rather escape their current life in order to start living another […]

How You Can Interrupt Interruptions And Get More Done…

How You Can Interrupt Interruptions And Get More Done

Interrupted time is one of the biggest enemies of innovation. It interferes with progress and distracts from discipline. One of my goals this year in my own life is to have DISCIPLINED DETERMINATION, which is my way of saying…”focused time to get things done.” If you want to be more productive in your life you […]

Where Could I Go

New worship song

Where Could I Go

I am very excited to announce that my new song “WHERE COULD I GO” has been released on iTunes, Amazon Music, Spotify, and all the other major platforms. This is an original worship song that comes from Psalm 139. One night sitting at the piano I was reminded of this encouraging verse and this song […]

Don’t Go Into 2016 Until You Do This…

Don't Go Into 2016 Before You Do This

Just one day (after today) left until 2016. Part of being creative is reflecting. The most creative people are people of reflective thinking. They review everything in order to learn something from it. In fact, one of the main reason creative people are creative is because they spend a great deal of time learning from […]

Leadership Lessons From Santa: Part 3

Leadership Lessons From Santa Part 3

Check out the other lessons here… Part 1 Part 2  Ok, so we are talking about the leadership lessons we can learn from Santa. Here goes the next lessons… 7. Timing Is Everything Santa has a specific deadline to deliver the goods…it has to be executed by December 25th. In the same way, leaders must understand […]

Christmas Thoughts…

Christmas Thoughts

Christmas is almost here! Just a few days away…it is truly my most favorite time of the year, after all, our family decorates in mid October so we have been in Christmas mode for a while now. But then again, I guess we should be in Christmas mode all year round, 24/7. And that is […]