Big Thinking Creates Big Problems

4 Tips On How To Successfully Deal With Problems

Big Thinking Creates Big Problems

Everyone has problems. No one is immune from having difficulty in life. Though we strive to live a problem-free life we will never truly attain it. And if you do…you aren’t truly living anyway. We know we’re growing when we have problems. Problem-free living is actually a bigger problem that not having problems. You see, the bigger the […]

FP Episode 6: Priority Prayer

Interview with Lisa Flake

Priority Prayer

Session Summary: In this episode of the Faithology Podcast I interview a good friend and incredible prayer warrior that has literally been all over the world praying for communities, organizations, and people on location. Lisa is involved with several organizations that put prayer as a high priority in their mission. She shares about some great […]

Do You Ever Feel Like You’re Not Doing Enough?

Do You Ever Feel Like You're Not Doing Enough

Do you ever feel you’re not doing enough? You know, that feeling that you aren’t working hard enough. You aren’t as far as you should have been by now. You aren’t giving it enough of your energy. The truth is you are not alone! In fact, almost everyone feels what they call the “imposter” feeling. […]

FP Episode 5: Faith On The 7th Floor

Interview with Benjamin Hampton

Faith On The 7th Floor

Session Summary: In this session I interview a good friend and overcomer Benjamin Hampton. Benjamin is a great example of what it means to be faithful in challenging times in life. His story will inspire you and give you hope. We all have, are, or will face the 7th floor in life. It is what […]

Critical Faith Corrupts Crucial Commitments

Critical Faith Corrupts Crucial Commitments

Having critical faith corrupts the crucial commitments it takes to move forward. By definition alone, faith requires an optimistic commitment to an unwavering belief for the future. Critical and cynical faith is an oxymoron, it doesn’t fit together. When we are cynical about our belief it corrupts our faithfulness. James 1:6 (NIV) But when you […]

The Beit Principle

The Beit Principle

I am officially coining a concept called the beit principle. The beit principle says: If you want to become something then be it now. I know…super deep combination of be & it…beit. We have heard the statement “Fake it ’till you make it.” But what about… “Be it ’till you become it.” You see, if you […]