FP Episode 9: Are You A Great Disciple?

Session Summary: In this episode I talk about being a great disciple. Jesus was a Rabbi, meaning teacher. Therefore, we must become a great student. I share 3 things that great disciples/students do to learn. We don’t go to our destiny as though it is waiting for us somewhere, we grow into our destiny by learning […]

A Leadership Thanksgiving

Being that we just celebrated Thanksgiving here in the states it is fitting that we talk about a leadership thanksgiving. The more a leader can be thankful to his/her people the greater the success. Leaders need to express gratitude in 3 distinct ways: verbally, visually, and valiantly. Verbally There is a powerful force that comes […]

Take A Chill Pill

Stress is on the rise. People are getting more and more busy and yet wonder why they are always stressed about life. Everyone seems to be in survival mode. This happens to all of us. Too many people have an over-stocked schedule with an under-satisfied life. But this isn’t the life we were meant to live. This […]

FP Episode 8: The 4 C’s To Get More Time

Session Summary: In this episode I talk about the importance of time. Why is it that some people appear to have more time than others? Why is it that some people get more done than others? The answer is in God’s Word. Listen to the 4 C’s to get more time and number your days […]

You Are A Rubber Band

You were created to be a rubber band…the more you stretch the farther you’ll go. Though God is a God of safety and security in terms of salvation, He is everything but that in terms of your mission on earth. God wants to stretch you to your limits. He wants to push you out of […]

Bringing Your Boldest Self To Your Biggest Challenges

Inspired by Amy Cuddy

I recently read a great book called “Presence” written by Harvard Physocolgist & TED Talk star Amy Cuddy. My wife and I had watched her TED talk on “Your body language shapes who you are” a few years ago and were greatly impacted by it. In fact, we still do power posses every now and then (you have […]

5 Disciplines Of Creativity

Creativity is not some cosmic etherial force floating in space. Rather it is intentional effort that is grounded in reality. The creative energy it takes to build masterpieces is not wrapped up in some mystical concept. It is forged in the daily grind of discipline. Those who want to unleash their creative potential will not stumble […]

FP Episode 7: How To Pass The Tests

Session Summary: In this session I talk about how to pass the tests of life. Everyday we face a series of tests that come our way. It is what we do with these tests that determine if we pass or fail. Our future is deponent upon the ability to pass the tests that we face. […]