3 Ways To Handle Other People’s Mistakes…

3 Ways To Handle Other People's Mistakes

As I was rereading Dale Carnegie’s book, “How To Win Friends And Influence People” I remembered this story that he wrote about… Bob Hoover, a famous test pilot and frequent per-former at air shows, was returning to his home in Los Angeles from an air show in San Diego. As described in the magazine Flight […]

Preparation is the key to being successful. Coach John Wooden said, “When opportunity comes it’s too late to prepare.” Are you prepared for your opportunities? Check out this video…

Everyone needs a net to catch their ideas. You are one thought away from a major breakthrough in your life. Too many amazing thoughts that have the potential to revolutionize your situation get lost if you don’ have a system to capture them.

What is your net?

Why You Have So Many Problems

Why You Have So Many Problems

How do you handle problems? How do you respond when faced with difficult situations? How we deal with problems will determine our quality of life. Have you ever known people that are constantly facing problem after problem? The ones that are always talking about how bad everything is in their life. I’ll bet they are […]

The Reason Why Your Ideas Won’t Work…

The Reason Why Your Ideas Won't Work

Ideas will change the course of your life, that is if you act on them. Ideas that have only been thought about do nothing if no action is attached to them. On their own ideas are powerless, unless they become a reality by living them out. Many people have great ideas, but they fail to implement them […]

Leaders awaken potential within others. They inspire when they…

1. Believe The Best In Others

2. Build On Failures

3. Be The Example

Check out the video and be an inspirational leader…

Luke 14:28 Breakdown

Luke 14 Breakdown

This is one of my most favorite passages where Jesus talks about goal setting. He lays out a phenomenal plan that we should always follow when we are planning our future…let’s break it down… Luke 14:28 28 “Suppose one of you wants to build a tower. Won’t you first sit down and estimate the cost to […]