3 Ways To Be Less Responsibly Irresponsible

Responsibly Irresponsible

Not long ago our youngest daughter (who was 7 at the time) was working on her weekly devotion. The question my wife read to her was… Are you usually responsible or irresponsible? Our daughter sat back and thought it about for a moment, then carefully said, “I don’t know how to answer that. I mean…sometimes […]

How To Never Forget Anything

4 Tips To Maximize Your Ideas

How To Never Forget Anything

Wouldn’t it be nice if we never forgot anything? Well…you can. Are you ready for the secret? It’s deep, so brace yourself…here it is… WRITE IT DOWN I know super profound right? Actually, it is. The majority of people do not write down their ideas and therefore they disappear. Earl Nightingale said, “Ideas are elusive, slippery things. […]

Cheering Your Team To Victory

Cheering Your Team To Victory

I heard an interesting fact about a school in Chicago, Illinois that gave students a “not yet” if they didn’t pass a class, instead of a “fail.” This had a tremendous impact on the moral of the students who received the hard, yet encouraging truth that they had, “not yet,” completed the course. As a […]

FP Episode 1: 5 Questions To Ask Yourself Daily

5 Questions To Ask Yourself Daily

Session Summary: In this episode I kick-off the FAITHOLOGY PODCAST talking about 5 questions you have to ask yourself in order to grow your faith. Remember: You are only one idea away from a major breakthrough. I believe that if you ask yourself these 5 questions daily, and align your actions accordingly, you will begin to see your […]

Faithology Podcast

Coming Soon April 2016

Faithology Podcast Promo

I am so excited to announce the new FAITHOLOGY PODCAST coming in April. I am going to be launching a show that will be filled with ideas, interviews, and inspiration to rock your faith. This will be available on my blog as well as on iTunes for listeners. I am believing this podcast to make […]

What Is Your Leadership Language?

What Is Your Leadership Language

Every organization has a language by which they communicate their true beliefs. The leaders, the employees, even how the customer talks about the organization make a significant impact on the moral and future opportunities. How we talk determines how things end up. Words have creative power and they have destructive power. They have the ability to […]

What Are You Standing On?

What Are You Standing On

Have you heard the phrase, “Trouble in inevitable, but misery is optional?” There is more truth in that statement than we may know. The fact is, everyone faces trouble. No one is immune to problems. There are no such people who don’t face issues everyday; some small, some bigger than others. The issue is not […]

How Many Horses Do You Have?

How Many Horses Do You Have

2 Horses can pull about 9,000lbs. together. How much do you think 4 Horses can pull? You would assume 4 Horses are able to pull 18,000lbs. however, 4 Horses can pull over 30,000lbs. together. Teamwork doesn’t double your effort, it multiplies your effort. There is a compound effect that occurs when creative collaboration takes place. […]

Great Leaders Know How To Conquer This…

Great Leaders Know How To Conquer This

To be a great leader you have to conquer yourself. You have to come to a place where you slay your own fears, self-worthlessness, failures, pride, worries, and limits. The best leaders are the ones who are confident in who they are. Not because of ego, but because of healthy self-assurance. Philosopher Lao Tzu said, “He […]