The Power Of Habits

The Power Of Habits

I have a poem I came across I’d like to share with you… I am your constant companion. I am your greatest helper or heaviest burden. I will push you onward or drag you down to failure. I am completely at your command. Half of the things you do you might just as well turn over […]

Experiment With Possibiilites

3 ways to discover greatness

Experiment With Possibilities

Some of the greatest discoveries of our time have come through experimenting with the unknown. It is in the exploration of new ideas that we uncover unknown possibilities. Just imagine if the early explorers would have stopped exploring, or inventors stopped inventing, or artist stopped creating. All greatness comes from the willingness to step out and […]

Why We Need Freedom In The Work Place

Why We Need Freedom In The Work Place

Everyone produces differently. Some people thrive in a more structured environment, while others tend to do better in a non-structured environment. Leaders that know what kind of flow their team needs, will come to get the most out of them. When individuals feel trusted to work in their most productive environment they will produce more […]

The Authority + Influence Formula

The Authority Influence Formula

The real test of empowerment is what happens when you are not around. Does your team have the authority and ability to get things done? You have to give authority for others to make decisions. By not releasing authority you can stall the process of progress. However, when others are trusted to make decisions they will rise […]

Don’t Drive The Yugo

Guest Post From Chris Page

Don't Drive The Yugo

A man in Philadelphia was homeless during the last 25 years of his life. He ate from dumpsters. He slept in extreme cold and heat. He associated with few. The man was eventually found dead in an abandoned building. The biggest mystery was the police discovering $23,000 in cash strapped to his leg. It was […]

Innovation Gets Old

Innovation Gets Old

Pablo Picasso said, “Every child is an artist. The problem is how to remain an artist once we grow up.” Practicality can be the greatest enemy to Possibility. It’s not that it is the enemy, but it can become the enemy if not harnessed correctly. Practicality is either an asset or a liability. It becomes […]

For BIG Mistakes

3 things successful people do with failure...

For Big Mistakes

Wouldn’t be awesome if life had a big eraser that you could use to wipe away all your past mistakes? Wouldn’t it be great to have some do-overs in the past; make changes, say something different, go back and do what you now know you could have done? The truth is, we can’t go back […]