Where Are You Looking?

Where your focus goes your energy flows. That’s because what we look at is what we go toward. I am notorious for this phenomena while driving. If I look left…I start drifting left, if I look right…I start drifting right. Spiritually, this happens to us as well. This is why the Bible encourages us to […]

Grumpy Christians Not Allowed

Some things just don’t go together. They don’t make sense. I came across these funny terms that really shouldn’t make sense, but we use them anyway: Found Missing Same Difference Threadless Screws Jumbo Shrimp Stand Down Self-Help Group Silent Alarm Microsoft Works Plastic Glasses Tragic Comedy Exact Estimate Here are some phrases that really don’t […]

Moved By Faith

Faith is the currency of God’s Kingdom. It’s the means by which we experience the fullness of God and the hinge that opens the windows of heaven. One cannot truly know God unless they possess a measure of faith. We must fundamentally understand that faith is the lens in which we see God–it brings our […]