FP Episode 10: Stretched

Session Summary: In this episode I talk about stretching your faith to a new level. God is not always a God of safety and security, but rather of stretching and sending. I talk about the most quoted Bible verses that, in fact, are not even Bible verses. We also dive into some great Biblical text […]

3 Ways To Battle Spiritual Discouragement…

Not long ago my youngest daughter was working on her long and short vowel sounds. As she was working on recognizing diacritical marks such as: the macron (¯), and the breve (˘) she seemed a little disturbed by the symbols. She frustratingly said, “Can we just change those symbols?” My wife told her we could not […]

3 Ways To Get Blessed Rest

Life continuously speeds up. In fact, the older you get the faster time goes…or at least our perception of it. There have been numerous studies conducted about the effect of time on our psychological and physiological energy. The truth is as each year passes by we need more recovery time. Our lives were designed to […]

FP Episode 9: Are You A Great Disciple?

Session Summary: In this episode I talk about being a great disciple. Jesus was a Rabbi, meaning teacher. Therefore, we must become a great student. I share 3 things that great disciples/students do to learn. We don’t go to our destiny as though it is waiting for us somewhere, we grow into our destiny by learning […]

A Leadership Thanksgiving

Being that we just celebrated Thanksgiving here in the states it is fitting that we talk about a leadership thanksgiving. The more a leader can be thankful to his/her people the greater the success. Leaders need to express gratitude in 3 distinct ways: verbally, visually, and valiantly. Verbally There is a powerful force that comes […]

Take A Chill Pill

Stress is on the rise. People are getting more and more busy and yet wonder why they are always stressed about life. Everyone seems to be in survival mode. This happens to all of us. Too many people have an over-stocked schedule with an under-satisfied life. But this isn’t the life we were meant to live. This […]