Are You Running From Fear Or Running Through It?

Fear is responsible for almost every missed opportunity. It is the archenemy of progress. Most people don’t realize how much fear they really possess…or rather, I should say, how much fear possesses them. The moment we give in to our fears is the moment we cease growing. All true progress takes place just beyond the […]

Happily Ever After Sucks

We have all heard it said, “…and they lived happily ever after…” What a shallow ending! If happily ever after is all we are waiting for, we are missing out on something even better. Don’t get me wrong…happily ever after is good…but it’s not great. There’s an ending…that is actually the beginning…that is far better […]

How To Tell If The Enemy Is Taunting You Or If God Is Teaching You…

We all struggle with knowing the difference between the enemy taunting us and God teaching us. The tension between knowing if our situation is a trial we should escape or a testing we should embrace. We certainly don’t want to give the enemy blame for something God is doing, and we don’t want to give […]

Love Is The Greatest

Mother Teresa said, “Spread love everywhere you go. Let no one ever come to you without leaving happier.” If there is a word that should define Christians, it is undoubtedly the word…LOVE. Being a follower of Christ revolves around the central idea of love. Love is what defined Christ, and love is what should define […]

Where Are You Looking?

Where your focus goes your energy flows. That’s because what we look at is what we go toward. I am notorious for this phenomena while driving. If I look left…I start drifting left, if I look right…I start drifting right. Spiritually, this happens to us as well. This is why the Bible encourages us to […]

Grumpy Christians Not Allowed

Some things just don’t go together. They don’t make sense. I came across these funny terms that really shouldn’t make sense, but we use them anyway: Found Missing Same Difference Threadless Screws Jumbo Shrimp Stand Down Self-Help Group Silent Alarm Microsoft Works Plastic Glasses Tragic Comedy Exact Estimate Here are some phrases that really don’t […]