The Creative God & The Creative You

We serve the CREATOR GOD…He is literally the most creative because He is the creator. So the ramifications of this is that you and I are created in the image of God, this means we have access to unlimited creativity. Yet how many people truly feel creatively unlimited? Most people probably feel creatively limited, the […]

The “DONE–DID–DO” Communication Technique

Communicating accountability is one of the hardest things to navigate. How many times have you said something to someone hoping to be constructive, but then it backfire when you did? Or how many times have you wanted to say something but never did because you were afraid of the backlash? This happens with spouses, kids, bosses, […]

Don’t Make It Harder Than It Needs To Be Watson…

Do you ever make things harder than they are? Maybe you don’t even realize it…but many times we make things way harder than they need to be. In fact, a majority of people take the path of most resistance, unknowingly. We tend to live like Watson in this interesting interaction… Holmes and Watson are on a […]

FP Episode 16: Rules Of The Game

Session Summary: In this episode I break down the 5 rules of winning at the game of life. If you don’t understand the rules how can you truly know how to play. Why is it that some people seem to win big and others seem to lose big? When we understand these 5 rules we […]

Following Those You Lead

A great leader is a great follower. In fact, you can’t become a great leader unless you learn to be a great follower first. Merle Crowell, an American author who spent a great deal of time with John D. Rockefeller, Jr. and many other successful leaders said, “It is the men behind who make the man ahead.” […]

Signs Your Season Has Ended

Hanging on when your season is over will diminish your impact. In fact, the longer you wait to move on, the longer your agony will prolong. We have to recognize that some seasons come to an end. But don’t worry, because what feels like an end is when a new season will begin. Just like the […]

FP Episode 15: mYOUsician

your life is an instrument

Session Summary: In this episode I proclaim that you are a mYOUsician…whether you play an instrument or not, it doesn’t matter. The book of Romans tells us that our life is an instrument of righteousness, which means we are the musician who chooses how to play it. In this episode I break down 3 vital principles […]

Learn To Connect The Dots

Remember playing those connect the dots picture games when you were younger? You followed a number sequence that would turn a jumbled mess into a beautiful design. I was always amazed at the near impossibility to decipher the image before you connected the dots. It was as if the image appeared out of no where, […]

The Little Domino Effect

In 1983 Physicist Lorne Whitehead demonstrated how one domino can knock down another domino double its size. In 2001 a physicist recreated the experiment showing how a two inch domino could eventually topple the Empire State Building by the eighteenth domino, the Eiffel Tower by the twenty-third domino, and bridging the gap between earth and the moon […]

Hold The Image…

“Dreams are extremely important. You can’t do it unless you can imagine it.” ~ George Lucas Whatever image you hold in your mind will determine your future. You can’t hold an image of failure and expect to live successfully. In fact, the image you hold in your mind tends to manifest itself outwardly. Innovative people have the […]