The Challenge Of Visionary Leaders

3 Ways To Handle Yourself When Others Don't Get It

The Challenge Of Visionary Leaders

Leaders are visionaries. They anticipate what is ahead and prepare accordingly. The ability to see things before others see them is a sign of a great leader. Anyone can report on what is currently happening, but a leader is able to report on what could happen in the future. They have an intuition that others […]

Protecting Yourself From Temptation

Protecting Yourself From Temptation

Temptation is the vehicle in which dreams become broken, potential gets abandoned, and strength becomes weakness. We all struggle with it…somehow…someway. Here is an exert from my new book FAITHOLOGY: 12 Ideas To Rock Your Faith concerning the 3rd way to protect yourself from TEMPTATION…you’ll just have to get the book to get the 1st & […]

Where Should You Spend Your Time?

Where Should You Spend Your Time

Your schedule will dictate the quality and success of your life. How you use your time will determine how your life will be used. The key is to get innovative concerning your schedule. Most people let their schedule dictate what they can and can’t do, but not highly successful people. In fact, successful people decide […]

Joel 3:9-10 Breakdown

Joel 3 9-10 Breadown

You are in a battle whether you know it or not, whether you like it nor not, whether you want it or not. Everyday that we arise in the morning the fight begins. The great news is that you get to choose whether you will be victorious or be a victim. That’s right…it’s not luck, […]

Innovators Need Environment

Innovators Need Environment

The more innovative you want to be the more you have to stretch yourself. Innovators stop innovating when they get stuck in environments that don’t foster innovation. Innovators need environment, meaning they need a greenhouse for their production. Let me put in this way…this is a section from my new book FAITHOLOGY… We will only […]

I am so excited about my new book FAITHOLOGY: 12 Ideas To Rock Your Faith. This resource will inspire you and equip you with specific ideas to experience all that God has for you. Check out the book trailer.

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Thanks so much for your support, and I pray the book raises your faith!

Bad Experience’s Effect On Innovation…

Bad Experience's Effect On Innovation

Innovators have an inward drive that pushes them to be vulnerable. If you don’t put yourself “out there,” you will never use your abilities to the fullest. Never let bad experiences in the past keep you from having great possibilities in the future. Always have a forward mind-set and let go of the past. This ensures […]

4 Questions To Ask That Will Indicate Someone’s Strengths

4 Questions To Ask That Will Indicate Someon's Strengths

Here are 4 questions to ask that will indicate someone’s strengths… A) What are their passions? The areas people are most passionate about usually involve their strengths. By simply listening to the ideas that ignite their excitement will give you clues to their unique gifts. Find out what they read about, think about, and ask […]